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Introducing ...
The Digital Marketing Platform Empowering 
In The Local Small Businesses
Where Small businesses are empowered and supported by a quality mindset and spirit of bringing dedicated entrepreneurs together in a unique and revolutionary Platform. A single place where all of the tools and resources are packaged for community  level, lead generated, geo targeted local consumer engagement. One platform, one audience, specifically designed to enhance and support local business marketing strategies as well as providing a powerful and convenient all things community consumer participation network.
Enabling The Spirit Of pursuing Change, Not Waiting For It! 
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If  You Are One Of The More Than 200,000 Small Business Owners or
One Of The Thousands Of Entrepreneurs Looking To Start A New Business In Utah...
Then You Are In The Right Place!

We Have Cracked The Code To Your Marketing Success...

...And Developed A Platform That Has All The Powerful Technologies Available, Organized And Ready To Market Your Business To Your Local Marketplace!
Here is a quick video overview  
of our powerful and revolutionary system...
Watch Short Video
Once you have watched the video Let Me continue my presentation! 
Now We Can align your Business needs to our Powerful Suite Of
services For Success In Your Local Business Marketplace!
Let's start with a quick evaluation of your current marketing
#1. Is Your  Business Getting In Front Of Thousands of New Local Consumers Everyday?
Such As... E-mail Marketing Campaigns - Social Media Ads - Banner Ads Coupon Offers - Local Directory Listing - Current Website - Products & Services Listed on E-commerce - Print Media Ads - Radio - Tv - Blogs - Videos - YouTube - etc.
Online Class
#2. How Easy Is It For  Your Local Consumers To Find Your Business Online? 
  • Facebook - White Circle
  • LinkedIn - White Circle
  • Twitter - White Circle
Can you be found on Social Media Ads - Banner Ads - Coupon Offers - Local Directory Listing - Current Website - Products & Services Listed on E-commerce - Print Media Ads - Radio - Tv - Blogs - Videos - YouTube - etc.
#3. Is Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Generating a Profitable Return?
Are you posting daily? How many networks are you posting on? Are you getting activity reports and analytics?
Video Marketing.png
#4. Is Your Video Production Helping Your Customers Know More About Your Products or Services?
Do you have a video review of you and your business?  Do you have an introductory video of the products and services you offer?  Are you getting activity reports and analytics?
#5. Are You Posting Your Video For Your Customers To Watch and Learn?
Do you have a youtube channel?  How many networks are you posting your videos on? Are you getting activity reports and analytics?
#6. What Was the Results Of Your Last Email Marketing Campaign  
How big Is your customer list? Do you have a service that handles the e-mail campaigns and how many e-mails do you do per month?
#7. Was There A Worthy  Return On The Last Direct Mail Marketing Campaign?
How many homes did you send your campaign to? What was your response? What was your offer? Did it get attention?
Man Trying App
#8. Are Your Customers Finding You On Their First Key Word Or Category Search In Your Community?
Do you have the means to generate and respond to customer reviews? Do you provide online chat or a direct means to offer customer service?
 #9. Are You Getting The Right Kind Of Clicks From Your Banner Ads? 
Banner Ads-display-ads.png
  • Facebook - White Circle
  • LinkedIn - White Circle
  • Twitter - White Circle
Do you have banner ads placed on high traffic websites, landing pages, blogs and mobile ad platforms? Are you doing any Geo ad targeting?
Coupon ads.jfif
#10. Are You Getting Good Response From Your Coupon Offers?
Is your offer drawing attention. Are the shoppers clicking on your ads? Where did you post your coupons? Are they on social media pages? How many posts per week are you doing?
#11. What Kind Of Reviews Are You Getting From Your Current Site Visitors or Shoppers
Man Trying App
Are you getting reviews from your posts, listings, website and blogs?
#12. Are You Offering the variety of Current Payment Processing Services? 
There are many ways people are paying for things these days. Are you currently making it easy for your customer to pay for your goods and services with the payment methods they desire to use?

Today's Marketplace is rapidly changing and the Small Business Owners are having a difficult time keeping up with it all. 

But... That's All Changing Right Now.

We Know It Can All Be A Bit...

At Times!
So, We Have Revolutionized The Entire Marketing, Advertising and
E-commerce Process for Small Businesses.
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Now ...

After 40 Years

Of Marketing Small Businesses On & Offline, We've Developed A  Revolutionary System That I Know You Are Going To Love.

We Call It...

Concrete Wall
Is Launching...
...Our New Local Multi-Channel Marketing  System called...
We now Offer All The Powerful Tools & Technologies To Affectively Market Your Business To Your Most Relevant Consumer Via Every Channel Available!
1- New GLEZ Home Pge.png
Multimedia Marketing Channels.png
Are You Ready For A Change
For The Better?
Great! Because Here We Go!
Join Us Now... Or Click Here To Learn More!
Technology for Building Customers.jpg
Center Gradient Transparent
LocaNexs Introduces The ..
Next Generation
Small Business
Localized Marketing System!
We Are Currently Introducing  One Powerfully Organized Local Community Online Marketing Platform!  
It's Totally Designed To Advertise, Promote & Display All Things Community To Your Specific  Local Marketplace, And It's All Located
In One Powerful Online Marketing Platform!
Providing  Access To Thousands Of Local Consumers In Each Community 24-7, And All In One Conveniently Organized Online Local Community Network!
More Internet of things.jpg
GLEZ Logo_05-2020-2.png
Blue Gradient
...Is Where "Marketing & Shopping  Local"
Takes On A Whole New Meaning!
Watch Video
Watch Video- Turn on sound
1- New GLEZ Home Pge.png
  • Local small business can now be found in a single place platform. Where all local consumers can more easily find shop & buy local products and services In our powerful Online  Community Location!
Is Your Business In Your hands.jpg
Internet of Things.jpg

It's The Most Uniquely Organized...  
Online platform for showcasing the local businesses as well as
displaying the greatest variety of local products, services, travel, entertainment, hotels, restaurants and virtually...
"All Other Things Community"! 

Where you Find All Things Local!
The Next Step!
Now That You Have Access To Our One Stop Platform It Now Becomes...
... All About Getting Found In Your Local Community!
Now... We Can Get  Your Business In Front Of The Thousands Of Your Local Consumers In A Consistent Local
Online Marketing Strategy. 
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So, How Do You Get Your Business Benefiting...
From The Most Powerful System That Will Strategically Showcase Your Business To Thousands Of Local Consumers Every Day All Day Long?
It Is All Accomplished Through Our Revolutionary......
The Local League Of Small Businesses
For All Local Small Businesses
The LSMB... Has Been Established To Bring All Things Local To A More Organized Local Market Functional Business Marketing System... That Works In Complete Harmony With Our Powerful One Place Shopping Platform, Golocalez!
Blue Gradient
It's All Things In One Place...
  • All Businesses
  • All Consumers
  • All Communities
  • All Marketing Resources
  • All Media/Ad Channels
  • All Training & Education
  • All Customer Support
  • All Accessed In One Place Online...
Voice Of Customer.jpeg
All Provided By One Company...
EagleiZone Logo.png
It's Truly A New Normal  For "Marketing & Showcasing"
Your Local Businesses!

Now Your Small Local Business Can Compete At A Level Never Before Experienced!

By Joining With Thousands of Local Businesses To Bring Their Millions Of Local Products & Services To One Convenient And Relevant Single Place Platform!
Isn't It Time To Get Your Small Business Marketed To Thousands of Local Consumers Everyday, Right In Your Own Community Marketplace?
Male Portrait
Don't Make Running A Business Any Tougher Than It Needs To Be!

We all need local traffic and we are all drawing from the same customer pool.

Local consumers, when asked,  prefer to shop local businesses. 

Don't keep fighting the same battle for attracting new customers.


Get it all working for you today! 

  • Banner Ads

  • Facebook Ads

  • Google Ads

  • Social Media Ads

  • SEO

  • Coupons

  • Blogs

  • Directory Listings In Multiple Platforms

  • Video Ads

  • Business Reviews

  • etc.


Get it all in one place for one price!  A price that will be less than most of the above, individually priced from another company!

Become A Member Of The League Today!
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