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Uniting & Empowering The  Local
Businesses & Consumers. 
Where All Local Businesses Can Come Into Perfect Vision With The Local Consumers Who Are Anxiously Searching For Local Products & Services and
"All Other Things Community"!
Locally Owned 
It's time for all small to medium size business owners to come together in their communities.
It's time to provide... 
  • A unified shopping experience for the local consumers.
  • A competitive power that is born when local businesses join together
  • A more convenient access to local products and services
  • An all in one place online platform that allows the consumers to search, shop & purchase online
  • Local store same day, same hour pick up or next day delivery!  

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What Is The  EiZONE

THE EiZONE is...

An Alliance Of Small Businesses Coming together to build stronger economies in all Local Cities

SOON To Be in every Community In America

and Around the World!

When businesses come together in a community there is a revolutionary platform that includes a number of powerful marketing applications that can be accessed and implemented.