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Message From The CEO/Founder:

Hi, My name is Bill Misrasi and I am the Founder/CEO and developer of the most exciting and revolutionary new "All Things Community" platform.  I truly believe this is going to change the success ratio of every Small Businesses In the local market place when become a member.
I want to personally thank you for visiting my site and invite you to check it out in detail. And, I want to personally warn you to get prepared for a long time over due shift in your marketing approach to reach, attract and maintain a substantial share of loyal customers in your local market place on a much more consistent basis.
As all business owners/managers well know, the cost of obtaining a new customer and maintaining those we already have can sometimes be beyond our reach financially. As a business owner you also know that there are a number of channels for promoting our businesses today, and because you can't afford a presence in all of them it becomes difficult to choose which ones are going to bring us the greatest return.
Well what if I told you that we at Tradigicom360 have developed, from our experience of over 40 years working with the local small businesses both online and offline, a revolutionary platform that bundles all channels and promotional resources  into one amazingly effective packaged marketing process? And what if I told you that the most exciting thing about all of this is the cost?
When you become a member of our innovative Local Small Business Alliance (LSBA) there technically is no cost to reach hundreds or even thousands of local consumers. How can we do that you might ask? Well, When you participate in our amazing and revolutionary Small Business Alliance you will  be investing in our
bundled services that will instantly start working for you. In other words, you will begin noticing an immediate return on your investment. 
Our goal is to provided you with a minimum of 100% return on your monthly investment through a suite of powerful marketing tools, along with a presence in numerous locations throughout the most innovative single place marketing platform ever made available to the small local businesses. So what does that mean? No cost, only an investment. And we guarantee a 100% return on your investment! 
I am so serious about making your invested participation in our amazing platform a true return of value via enhanced real customer visits to your business, that each month we do not deliver, your next month will be on me! (See details of guarantee) 
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