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It's The Most Revolutionary All Things
Community Platform Ever!
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It's The Most Aggressive And Revolutionary  Online Network Of Communities, located in the most innovative and intelligent single place platform for showcasing "All Things Community" and easily accessed and shared with local residents, business owners and other neighboring communities as well as the rest of the country.
If Something Isn't done Soon The Community As We Know It May Not Exist In The Not To Distant Future!
The Physical Communities We Know Today Are Beautiful...
...with all of the amenities we enjoy, like parks, walkways, convenience stores just around the corner, beautiful shopping centers where we can go and socialize, window shop and enjoy a hamburger  or ice cream with our spouse or family.
But if we are not careful, that could all change, especially if Amazon has its way. 
But we aren't going to let that happen... without a fight!
Get Your City Registered In...
 Now Is The Time To Get Your City Register In Our
League of Communities
It Becomes  Easier and More Affordable To Showcase your city and it's businesses! 
Our New Local Online Platform Provides A Revolutionary Single Place network of local Cities and Towns For:
  • Small businesses to come together in one place.  
  • Local consumers to find and shop goods and services at their
  • local businesses.
  • To aggregate all things that currently exist in the communities.

We are prepared to demonstrate and implement

our powerful and revolutionary concept to every community and their local small businesses today.


Our goal is to provide...

  • A platform where cities, businesses and their local consumers can connect and support all things community.

  • An organized and easily accessible  community portal/platform for local news, information and e-commerce.

  • Easy access to a centralized calendars of events that can be searched and accessed locally as well as state wide.

Our League will provide...​

  • Access to the latest marketing and              e-commerce technology which includes the training & education.

  • Enhanced promotional tools and service that will promote and support local activities and events. 


Our New Local League Of Communities Will...

  • Create and implement activities that will promote growth and stability throughout the community. 

  • A local Community Director Licensee, working under the direction and support of EagleiZone will have charge implementing and supporting all activities and communications with the cities, business owners/managers and the consumer membership groups, driving local economies in the right direction.

Join The League Today
Now LAUNCHING  & Showcasing
The Online Cities Of Utah
With The Help Of Our City Mayors, City Council, County Commissions & Chambers of Commerce
...along with other organizations as well as the local citizens, we can make it possible for each Community League to become the most organized online collection of local businesses and their goods, services, and resources to be accessed both offline and online in oneeasily accessible platform @...
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We Consider It an urgent collaboration...
It's Time for Cities to Play A Bigger Role In Educating and Promoting Local Online Businesses...
Through Our Powerful League Of Communities Platform,
every community, every business and every resource has a viable place online, providing equal or even greater accessibility to all things community, more than any other business, no matter how big or small.  
We Are Virtually Leveling The Playing Field"
Small-Businesses-Can-Beat-Big-Business.j order to compete with the ensuing conglomerate warehouse and distribution center networks threatening to disrupt the total current economic infrastructure for commerce and quality of life at the local level.
We Invite your City to Join
our Powerful Local League !
What's Your Cities Role
In The League?
To Become An Active Participant in promoting and establishing the most aggressive, innovative and intelligent online platform for showcasing your community and everything it has to offer which is easily shared with local residents, business owners, other neighboring communities, and the rest of the country.
In Order To Accomplish This Monumental Task, we are inviting your Community to become a member of our League of Communities Network... to begin:
  1. Allow ease of access to all current information and resources from all aspects of your city by allowing a link to your present official city website.
  2. Allow your cities events and activities to be posted in a community calendar that also allows the local site visitors, businesses and other event planners to add their events and activities to the community calendar. Your events will be viewed by all local residence, while at the same time being integrated into the extended calendar version of regional events. The events calendar will be promoted on the platform of as well as links embedded in all of our social media networks, printed materials, banners for live seminars and special promotional events sponsored by EiZone.
  3. Ad & Promote online events calendar, and other community sponsored presentations on the, to all local residences monthly, through whatever means of regular resident contact you normally provide, such as printed mail, e-mail, direct mail campaigns, social media, text messaging, etc. 
  4. Participate in a weekly community webinar and occasional live Seminar for training and education of digital marketing and promotion technologies to the local businesses in your community. Assist in establishing our Globalocal Business Education and Training Center to be positioned in each community.
  5. Allow live streaming of City Council Meetings, to be broadcast from our Town Hall link to your community!
  6. Provide weekly updates by the Mayor and City Council on special interest projects and other pertinent communications to be published for greater access by the local citizens.
Your local residence will now have a whole new level of accessing all things community, while at the same time, travelers and visitors from around the country and even the world will have a comprehensive view and online access to all things your community has to offer, all at the same level of convenience they have been enjoying at many of the big box retailers.
Your local citizens will enjoy the benefits of "America's Great League of Business and Community", giving them enhanced access to local products and services.
Your local businesses will have direct communications with community leaders, as well as access to digital marketing, training and business development services, resources and the best professional support never before accessible by the small businesses.
It's Time To Compete And Thrive!
The Consumers In Your Community Are Ready To Shop Local Businesses... 
Online Today!
Better Informed Customers.jpeg
Through Our Revolutionary Community Market Place Platform, We Are Empowering Local Businesses With An Added Advantage Of Becoming A Part of The Online Shopping Growth. We Are Providing The Means To Generate More Relevant Leads Through Our Massive Consumer Leads Funnel So The Local Businesses Can Do More Than Just Survive, But To Compete And Thrive!
1.1 GLEZ_COOL_Marketplace_Logo.png

Let's Make Your City An Online Destination Point!

When You Join The League Of Communities & The Golocalez Network
You are automatically plugged into one of the most powerful "Next Generation Online Platforms"!
We are building relationships with your surrounding cities their businesses and their consumers.
Our revolutionary platform allows us to capture and distribute a massive amount of relevant data from a specific community area, and redirect them to targeted and participating businesses located in the same community of collection, while at the same time providing access to all communities at the click of a mouse.

So, What Do We Provide?

We Take Your Community To The Next Generation of Online Media!
We Promote Your City to all other Cities In Utah, The Nation, and
the world!
Custoemrs More Informed.jpeg
We provide each of our online communities with a full set of social media pages from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest, to mention a few. 

We have the greatest platform for cross promotion of cities and towns through community videos and pictures.

We live stream special events,  messages, and community activities 

We assist in posting. We cause a major flow of daily Information and communications with your local citizens.

We assist in posting all local events, news, stories, points of interest, special events and activities, non-profit fundraisers, highlight new businesses, etc.

We post daily promotions, information and discussions on multi-social media networks.
Our Powerful League Of Communities Makes It Easy For All Cities to Become...
a Greater Support and Promotion Vehicle
for their local businesses.

If The Local Small Businesses Are Going To Excel In Today's Economy...

...They need the cities and  their local citizens to have their back. And that means they need to be actively engaged In both online & offline cross promotion strategies to assist the local businesses to be more competitive with the big box retailers. 
outlet center.jpg
The cities need to be actively engaged in providing education for the application and use of the newest technologies.  The small businesses will more easily interact with the local consumers providing greater incentives for the local citizens to shop local. 
And That is exactly What Can Be gained from Our New Platform...
Our Next Generation Web Platform for Cities, Businesses & The Consumer..
1.1 GLEZ_COOL_Marketplace_Logo.png
Where the Cities, Businesses & Local Consumers all Come Together In One Powerful Productive Place!

Why Is It Important For This To Happen Now!

The Following Facts Are The Latest Online Marketing Statistics That Should Help Answer That Question...
Amazon to clear $258.22 billion in US retail sales in 2018,
That's 49% of all online retail spend in the country,
and 5 percent of all retail sales.
(Facts Provided By Tech Crunch June,2018)
All other retailers in the US represented the 51% ($270 Billion)
Totaling an estimated $528 billion online sales in 2017.
Statistics shows Total retail e-commerce sales in US  as 9% from 2013 to 2017,This figure is expected to reach 12.4 percent in 2020.
Retail sales in the US hit a record of $5.7 trillion in 2017,  according to the U.S. Census
e-commerce_Sales 2014-2020.png
Online Retail Has Grown 300 Percent Between 2000 and 2018
...according to the U.S. Commerce Department.
During the same time period, department store sales have dropped almost 50 percent. It's time for the local businesses to offer a convenient online alternative to their customers, to survive the digital market place demands.
It is projected that online sales growth will continue at a rate of 25% per year!
Expert Research Shows That:
  • 71 percent of consumers begin their research phase with a search engine

  • 92 percent of shoppers read online reviews before purchasing a product

  • almost 50 percent of internet users look for videos related to a product or service before visiting a store.

  • Four times as many customers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it.

In 2018, 53% of all US retail sales were digitally impacted.
Digital & Multi-Channel Shopper Access
What Local Customers Are Doing Before they Come To Shop At a local Store...
It Is Vitally Important  that local prospective customers can search and find your business before they shop and purchase your goods and services online or offline. We provide a variety of touch points both online and offline for multi-channel access to your goods and services. .
Digitally impacted sales are online retail sales and offline sales that are researched online.
" Forrester Data: Digital-Influenced Retail Sales Forecast,
2017 To 2022 (US). "
Our Powerful Suite Of Services Provide All of The Necessary Touch Points 
As A Recap: 
We Encourage All Cities To Join With Us in Support of...

...Your Local Brick & Mortar Business Owners, Home Based Business Owners & New Entrepreneurs Just Starting a New Business, Exploring Our Amazing Multi Channel, Cross Promotion, Unified Community Alliance and etc.

It's The Most Powerful Single Market Place Platform Specifically Designed To Unify Cities With Their Businesses And Consumers To Keep Consumer Spending In The Local Communities! 

1.1 GLEZ_COOL_Marketplace_Logo.png
Our Strength Is In Numbers...
Join Us Today!

Help Us Build a Stronger Tomorrow... In Your Community! It's In Your Hands... Today!
Here Are Twelve (12) Big Advantages
To Why You Should Bring Your City & It's
Businesses On board Now!
  1. The most powerful online & offline marketing, shopping and all things community platform ever assembled, that provides the local community consumers and businesses the ability to come together for the over all good of all parties.

  2. The one single place platform your community and its businesses will be found, allowing your local consumers, new & existing, to find your businesses products and services, along with all other things community!

  3. The only fully automated, turnkey, digital platform that provides your community and its business owner the option to managing every aspect of their online resources, information and marketing, with the option of our assisted marketing support that can be manage by you or for you.

  4. The most comprehensive aggregation of e-commerce products and services available on one community based platform, allowing all products and services to be listed and promoted from our revolutionary and innovative Golocalez OneSuperStore Platform.

  5. Business owners can list & sell their own products & services  create coupon offers, post video product reviews and receive consumer reviews. They can place their own banner ads, create and post videos, and so much more! Or again, they can contract with us to do it all for them for very affordable monthly fees, with no commitment to contract. It's their market place, their choice. 

  6. Cities coming together with their thousands of local businesses!  Your community will instantly become a part of the biggest online and offline unified network of cities, businesses and consumers, offering thousands of products and services, entertainment and all other resources ever compiled in one platform. That means thousands of visitors coming to the platform for hundreds of reasons.

  7. Your city and it's businesses will be listed in one of the most relevant local community business directories offering key word searches targeting local businesses. You have the option of listing in a priority position so your business can be viewed as a top priority in your category.

  8. An aggressive and comprehensive social media network where you can post up your community videos, pictures, post jobs, write and post articles, list classified ads, all to be easily viewed by your local market visitors.

  9. A unique community directory listing will be accessible to the local consumers as they visit thousands of participating businesses listed in our directory. Your local businesses, just by having a presence in our platform, will be the recipient of tens of thousands of local consumers outside of your community who are being marketed to by EagleiZone, generating the most aggressive advertising and marketing campaigns running every day of the week and every hour of the day.

  10. Your city will also benefit from our partnerships with other local websites and social media networks to establish a presence to thousands of out of area and out of state visitors as they search, view and shop for a variety of other services in the community.

  11. And then there is the local consumer participation that will promote a huge market presence in the social media networks, blogs, podcasts, video reviews, where the local consumers will be motivated to promote the Golocalez platform, and all of its businesses by sharing and showcasing all of our participating merchants on the many social media platforms and receiving an affiliate commission for anything that is sold as a result of their efforts if they o choose to do so.. 

  12. Your community, it's businesses and their products/services will be in the presence of thousands of impressions and visitors views every single day.

Its the most effective and affordable means of promoting your city and everything in your community in one place. Your city is now accessible by the state, nation and even the world.

Our goal is to bring your entire Community  audience to a greater awareness of your city and the businesses with in! 

 join us Today... and receive a special Pre-Launch promotion package with privileges, services, promotions, video reviews, podcast guests and a whole lot of Extras.

Help us get the momentum rolling.
We are already Launched In Utah So Come On...
Activate Your City Today!
Don't Wait Any Longer... Get Started Now!
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