Now LAUNCHING  & Showcasing
The Online Cities Of Utah
It's The Most Revolutionary 
All Things Community 
Platform Ever!
  • To Help Customers become much more informed shoppers and buyers than ever before.

  • To assist Smart Shoppers to find their goods and services in their city from wherever they are and whenever they choose

  • To provide Local small businesses with a single  point and click access for all potential shoppers and visitors when they are searching to find local products and service to purchase online.

In Todays Local Market places It has become Necessary To Unify The Communities, Businesses, and The Consumers In order to become more competitive. It is imperative  that local shopping becomes more accessible to the local consumers In order to Strengthen & Stabilize The Local Economy! It's Now Time...
Get Your City Registered In...
In Order to do so the communities, business and local consumers have got to come together to preserve the luxuries of community we enjoy Today!
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It's The Most Aggressive And Revolutionary  Online Network Of Communities, located in the most innovative and intelligent single place platform for showcasing "All Things Community" and easily accessed and shared with local residents, business owners and other neighboring communities as well as the rest of the country.
If Something Isn't done Soon The Community As We Know It May Not Exist In The Not To Distant Future!
The Physical Communities We Know Today Are Beautiful...
...with all of the amenities we enjoy, like parks, walkways, convenience stores just around the corner, beautiful shopping centers where we can go and socialize, window shop and enjoy a hamburger  or ice cream with our spouse or family.
But if we are not careful, that could all change, especially if Amazon has its way. 
But we aren't going to let that happen... without a fight!
The League Of Communities has been formed To Bring Communities Together In One Powerful Online Platform!
 Register Your City
In Our

League of Communities
It Becomes  Easier and More Affordable To Showcase your city and it's businesses! Our New Local Online Platform Provides A Revolutionary Single Place For:
  • Small businesses to come together in one place.  
  • Local consumers to find and shop goods and services at local businesses.
  • To aggregate all things that currently exist in the communities.

We are prepared to demonstrate and implement our powerful and revolutionary concept to every community and their local small businesses today.


Our goal is to provide...

  • A platform where cities, businesses and their local consumers can connect and support all things community.

  • An organized and easily accessible  community portal/platform for local news, information and e-commerce.

  • Easy access to a centralized calendars of events that can be searched and accessed locally as well as state wide.

Our League will provide...​

  • Access to the latest marketing and              e-commerce technology which includes the training & education.

  • Enhanced promotional tools and service that will promote and support local activities and events. 


Our New Local League Of Communities Will...

  • Create and implement activities that will promote growth and stability throughout the community. 

  • A local Community Director Licensee, working under the direction and support of EagleiZone will have charge implementing and supporting all activities and communications with the cities, business owners/managers and the consumer membership groups, driving local economies in the right direction.

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It's Time for Cities to Play A Bigger Role In Educating and Promoting Local Online Businesses...