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Local Consumer Small Business Affiliates
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"More Intelligent Solutions"

Becoming a Local Small

Business Affiliate

Today, Customers are much more informed shoppers and buyers than ever before. Smart Shoppers today can do all of the necessary research and make a decision before your company is even aware of their interest.
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Local affiliate marketing is the promotion of products and services of a business in a specific a geographical area (for example, a neighborhood, city, or state).
Supporting & Promoting The Local businesses!
Instead of going to sites such as Amazon or Clickbank to find products to market (which have a global reach), you can look for local merchants and promote their area-specific services and products.


Many local businesses are willing to spend money on new customers but don’t know how to market online.

Our local affiliate marketing program offers the local consumers in any of our communities to assist in promoting their local businesses and earn an ongoing residual income for the effort. This accomplished by local people who want to earn a part time income, register with our affiliate program and agreeing to participate in an ongoing weekly online training instruction.


Tradigicon360 (TD360), provides everything needed for the consumer to begin promoting their favorite local businesses. We have established a commission structure with each participating business that agrees to pay for the high quality leads they will receive in exchange.

What do we do for our affiliates:

  1. Find a local business and provide the means or assistance in listing their products & service

  2. Negotiate a deal where you will be paid commission or a flat per lead basis

  3. Negotiate lead type (phone call, email, nurtured lead, etc.)

  4. Attract local traffic

  5. Provide each affiliate with their own personal tracking code to track referrals

Understand that most local businesses already have systems in place to convert incoming leads. They also know how much profit they can make per lead. If a car dealership knows it can make $14/lead, it might be happy paying as much as $10 for a quality lead.


Most local businesses will be happy to work with you if:

  • our lead quality is good

  • we send them leads consistently

  • Cost per lead is lower than their profit per lead

Empowering The local Consumers To Promote Local Businesses
Now the local businesses can enjoy the benefits of their local shoppers promoting their business to their friends and relatives Via Every Social Media, E-mail, Text messaging and the most powerful of all... Word of Mouth. !
Who's Online?
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Through Our Revolutionary Community Market Place Platform We Are Empowering Local consumers with the ability to support their local Businesses with an added advantage in the Online shopping growth. We are providing the means & resources to generate more relevant leads so they can do more than just survive,
But... Compete And Thrive!
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It's our "Leads Thru Relationships" "(LTR) Affiliate Strategy through Messaging not Marketing
When you Join Golocalez You are automatically plugged in to one of The Most Powerful Next Generation "Leads from Relationships" Funnel and you will start receiving leads almost everyday.
Our powerful proprietary Leads process brings targeted local prospective customers directly to the businesses and all commissions are weekly automatically .
Our Leads through relationships allows our local business participants the ability to receive a massive amount of relevant leads from a specific community area that have been recommended by a friend or acquaintance. redirect them to targeted and participating businesses located in the same community of collection.
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Small businesses aren’t oblivious to the digital marketplace...
...they know that their customers are increasingly moving online. The only problem is that they often don’t have the expertise, the time, or, sometimes, the budgets to hire dedicated marketers.
Social Media is a great platform to share your business message. It actually becomes a personal platform for many customers, who many have already
become brand ambassadors on their own, advocating for their favorite brands and products. We have now, just provided a way for them to generate a part time income to do the same thing.  As an added benefit, we also advocate special interest groups of people that creates a greater possibility to connect to their friends and followers through data on mutual interest groups both online and offline!.
Each of our online communities have a full set of social media pages from Face Book, Instagram, You Tube, Twitter and Pinterest, to mention a few. We post all of the ads, coupons, stories, videos, pictures, live streaming and so much more, causing a major flow of daily messages and communications with local people and their friends. Our affiliates can tap into that online market place and begin to benefit many existing loyal shoppers.

Social Media Is The Lead Generation

Messaging King

Online Retail Has Grown 300 Percent

Between 2000 and 2018

...according to the U.S. Commerce Department. During the same time period, department store sales have dropped almost 50 percent. It's time for the local businesses to offer a convenient online alternative to their customers to survive the digital market place demands.
Small Businesses Need To Step It Up... Take Charge...
We Have Made It Possible For The Local Businesses To
Win Back Their Local Market Place!
If The Local Small Businesses Are Going To Excel In Today's Economy They Need To Be Actively Engaged In Both Online & Offline Strategies. They Need To Start Doing What The Big Box Stores Are Doing. (Tapping the mass market of prospective New customers) Which Is Exactly What Can Be gained from Our New Platform...
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Don't Wait Any longer... Get Started Today!
It is projected that online sales growth will
continue at a rate of 25% per year!
Expert Research Shows That:
  • 71 percent of consumers begin their research phase with a search engine

  • 92 percent of shoppers read online reviews before purchasing a product

  • almost 50 percent of internet users look for videos related to a product or service before visiting a store.

  • Four times as many customers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it.

We Invite All Local Brick & Mortar Business Owners,Home Based Business owners & New Entrepreneurs Just Starting or looking to Start a New Business,  To Explore Our Amazing Multi Channel, Massive Leeds Funnel, One Market Place Platform and Become A Part Of The Powerful Unified Local Business Community at...

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Our Strength Is In Our Numbers...
Join Us Today
and Help Build a Stronger Tomorrow... In YourCommunity! It's In Your Hands! your community to join us and receive some very special privileges, services, promotions, video reviews, podcast guests and a whole lot of FREE exposure, just for helping us get the
momentum rolling.
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Be one of the first 100 businesses...
We are already Launched In Utah So Come On...
Get on board Today!

Become A Licenssee

Our Next Generation Web Is Here Now!

We Are Seeking Top Professional Business Managers

Who Have A True Desire to Earn Upwards Of $150,000/yr

If you consider yourself a leader and have a desire to be in your own business, and would like to have an entire team of professionals backing you up, you need to explore this opportunity Now.


Learn More Here!


Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

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Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

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