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Local Businesses
There are between 5,000 to
10,000 businesses, in the average community population of 50,000 to 150,000 residence in any given community, representing an estimated 1 million plus retail products. In addition there are thousands of local services that can't even be found at the big box stores.
Local Consumers
We are providing the means to  bring all of those products and services to one place in one powerful platform, similar to the one the big box retailers are using. This will allow the local consumers the ability search, find, and shop just about everything they would want to buy online at their local stores. 
Let your local consumers find you online NOW!
Start Your Own
Get Your FREE Store Front
Load all your products and services for FREE in our first ever Local community online SuperStore.
Now your online and offline retail business can enjoy a much brighter future with just a little adjustment in the way you are currently doing business, and become the Biggest and most powerful Competitor in your marketplace. 
Go To:
Register as a seller and start Competing with the big box market share in online retail stores TODAY! We are providing local small business retailers to opportunity to take a more competitive advantage in the local markets by unifying the thousands of independently owned and operated small businesses into one local online
community marketplace.  
Bring all of your products and services to one easy place in one powerful platform!
Give your online customers a similar experience as they receive from the big box retailers. Allow your  local consumers to be able to find just about everything they would want to buy online at their local stores.  
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