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Local Business Owners & Local Shoppers!

We are currently launching the most amazing and powerful Revolutionary marketing and shopping platform for local communities and their business owners and consumers and ...
Our overall undertaking is no small task and our goals are ambitious because we are set out to bring a powerful economic boost to everything community!
... And,  It Is going to Take An All Out Effort from both local business owners and consumers to make It all happen!
The Problem...

The big box stores have been  dominating the local Market place Long enough in online as well as the offline consumer shoppers in our communities, leaving the small businesses in a struggle to maintain a fair market share of customers. 

The Solution...

Now, We Are going to Level The Playing...With Your help. And...

In order to do so, we are offering an unprecedented opportunity for the entire community population to participate by Paying It Forward. Yes, that's right ...

"We Are Paying It Forward"!

So, Here's How It Works:

For the Business Owners

We Need Your Support By Bringing Your Business Into Our Platform...

...and We Are Going To Make It Well Worth Your While.

We are Connecting Everything Community & Everything Traditional & Digital

To One Powerful Platform!

We Are Seeking Your Participation and Investment In The Most Exciting & Revolutionary Enhancements To Happen, Both Online & Off, In Local Community Economies.
You can Help Establish The Present and Future Stability Of long Term Growth and Lifestyles In Your Community.
You Are About to Witness One Of the Most Dramatic Adjustments to Come Along In a Long Time, As Well As To have An Opportunity To Be A Part Of It's Success.
You are Invited To Purchase One Of Our Power Packs That Qualifies For Our "Pay-It-Forward"Reward!
When You Agree To Participate In One Of Our Packages Outlined Below...We will provide you with an additional Marketing Package that is equal to 10 X's your package purchase Value.

Invest In A Powerful Partnership

Men Shaking Hands
Invest In Your Community & Your Business... Now when you purchase one of our powerful "Turnkey" Marketing plans we will give you back a certificate valued at 10 times your initial purchase. You have chosen to invest in our tools to grow your business so now we want to pay it Forward and Invest in your success as you utilize a variety of our proven marketing tools and resources that will greatly enhance your online market exposure. It is a more sure way to help you generate more leads/customers.
We Invest In You & Your Community... That's right, we'll in turn re-invest 10 Times your initial purchase in your success in our platform! That means when you purchase any one of our Participating Packages we will give you a Whopping 10 times the value certificate of credit to apply towards additional Marketing exposure relating to that Participating marketing campaign
Example: If you fund a $299 Marketing Package you would receive a certificate for $2999.00!.
Fund Me - Fund You x10
We Are "Paying-It-Forward"(PIF)
Welcome to the entirely new and innovative process of Sharing and donating resources & capital. It is truly a powerful way to help each other grow our businesses!
It's really quite simple and probably the most exciting and powerful way to start, build or grow your business!mine! 
So, watch the video and follow the website links!
Oh... and don't forget to donate!

Here's how it works:

I have built a revolutionary online platform that includes one of the most powerful one place "All Things Community" marketing & Consumer Shopping portal! It is designed to provide every small to medium size local business a single place to post their products and services, list their business in a common community business directory, and give the local consumers a single place to go to more easily and conveniently find everything in their local community, or any other community they want to shop or play in.   It is soon to be the most comprehensive community portal ever built.


But I need help with such an undertaking. We call it GoLocalEz and it can currently be found online @!

If you are a business owner, or planning to start a business, or looking to grow your business, This part is for you...
Along with the Golocalez platform I have also built and currently offering a comprehensive "Turnkey" local community business marketing resource. It includes everything you or any existing business or any entrepreneur who is looking to start a business in any community, with a variety of packaged services to advertise and promote your most relevant products and services to your local consumer base. But I need your help!​
Here is where it gets good...
...for us both! I have the platform, you have a business that needs to be marketed. You go to the form below and make an investment of $100 or more in my platform and I will return the favor by providing you with a marketing package that is worth 10 times the funding amount you donate today. That's where we get the"Fund Me Fund You" concept.
To prove to you that I am serious...
Take a look at the (Perk) Packages down the right side of the lower page and you will see the real value in what I am promising as it aligns with your donation. And while you are down there you can also read more about me and the passion I have for both the of our successes!

This is a great place to tell people more about yourself and peak their interest.

For more info, they can follow you on social in a click.

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PIFX10 Package #1
  • Investment:        $99
  • PIF Certificate= $999
  1. Business Listed On Our Directory

  2. Product & Services Loaded in Our E-commerce Store

  3. Coupon Offer

  4. 60 Second Business Review Video

PIFX10 Package #2
  • Investment:        $99
  • PIF Certificate= $999
  1. Up Load a Video To Our You Tube Channel- (We Can Shoot it For You)

  2. Up Load, or We Can Build, A Banner Ad to be Placed in Your Online Community 

  3. Up Load Product Pictures To Your Directory

PIFX10 Package #2
  • Investment:        $99
  • PIF Certificate= $999
  1. Write and Post The Story Of Your Business In Our Articles Section

  2. Post Your Offer/Coupon On All Social Media With Link Back To

  3. Do A live video Interview With Your Golocalez Community Manager

Now, You Have a powerful Team In Your Court 
you have invested in a solid partnership with my endless supply of powerful marketing tools and services that you will always have access to at a major discount. Not to mention the free training and support you will receive as we educate everyone on the use and application of a plethora of services.
The Most powerful "Single Platform" for Local Consumer Shopping As Well As Business Marketing!
Fund Me Fund You X10
Package #1- 1 Month $99/mo (One Community N0 Contract)
  • You receive a $999 package of additional promotion & Advertising exposure In
Package #2- 2 Month $199/mo (One Community No Contract)
  • You receive a $1999 package of additional promotion & Advertising exposure In
Package #3- 3 Month $399/mo (One Community  -No Contract)
  • You receive a $3999 package of additional promotion & Advertising exposure In
Package #4- 1 Month $599/mo (One Community No Contract)
  • You receive a $5999 package of additional promotion & Advertising exposure In
We Are Helping Build Your Business As You Help Us Build Ours ... Which Is Yours Also!
Get your business registered in our...

Premium Customer Loyalty Program

Cash Back, Super Discounts on products, services & events, Same Day Delivery, Contests & More!

Click Here... To Find Out More Info!


We Need You To Go To: and do the following:

The Ten (10) Step Package To Total Marketing Success

You Can Help Save Local Business!

​#1. Get Your Business Listed On Our Directory

#2. Get Your Product & Services Loaded in Our E-commerce Store

#3. Provide a Coupon Offer To Entice Shoppers to Shop Your Business

#4. Up Load a 60 Second Business Review Video To Your Directory

#5. Up Load a Video To Our You Tube Channel- (We Can Shoot it For You)
#6. Up Load, or We Can Build, A Banner Ad to be Placed in Your Online Community

#7. Up Load Product Pictures To Your Directory

#8. Write and Post The Story Of Your Business In Our Articles Section

#9. Post Your Offer/Coupon On All Social Media With Link Back To

#10.Do A live video Interview With Your Golocalez Community Manager

NOW... This Will Allow Your Business To Be Searched,  Showcased & Shopped In Your Local Community In Our Powerful Local All In One Place Marketing Platform.
When You Have Accomplished The Above 10 Steps... Your Business Becomes a Part Of The Most Revolutionary Platform That Begins To...
...Level The Playing Field Between Big Box
And Local Small Businesses.
You Will Be Joining Thousands of Other Businesses That Can Be Found By The Thousands Of Local Consumers Who Can  Buy Your  Products & Services On Line!
...All From One Powerful Platform!

But That's Not All!

It's Not Just A Revolutionary Local Consumer Shopping Platform, It Also Becomes...

Now the local consumers have an alternative  To Choose From To Shop Local.


It's The Most Powerful Online & Offline Retail Shopping Experience To Ever Grace

The Local Small Business Communities!

Locating, shopping, purchasing, and sharing all things local in one convenient online marketplace!
It's Local...and It's Here. Join It Now!

The New Gorilla Marketing    Platform!

One Powerful Local Business Market Place Online To Be Exposed To Every Potential Customer In Their Community!

The Big Box Stores Are No Longer The Only Choice for Online Shoppers or Businesses In The Local Community Market Place!

We Have Turned The Tables!
Big Box

Finally...The Smallest Businesses Can Compete

Head to Head With The Biggest Box Stores

In Town and online.

The Local Businesses Can Now Become the BIGGEST

Business In Town!

We Offer...One Platform - For All Businesses - In All Cities - To Be Found On 

All Devices - Through One Provider... 

So, If you are a local business owner...or if you are thinking about starting your own business, This the only place you need to be to enjoy the greatest 

future for success as an entrepreneur.

We invite you to get positioned now... to become "one of the Biggest Businesses In Your Town" on our powerful One Place...
Total Community Platform?

Click Here... To Find a Pre-Launch Community 

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