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It's the simplest and yet the most comprehensive Local Small Business Marketing platform ever built! We offer the most extensive set of automated marketing resources ever generated for Local Small Businesses. All developed for targeting the local community consumers. It's truly the smartest Platform for... Local 
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When You Choose any one of The Promotional Packages Listed Below You will be launching your business into one of the most aggressive and revolutionary new Local Marketing Strategies That promises to balance the market share currently dominated by the big box stores. Your Business will be displayed to An estimated 500,000 Views or Impressions from Your Potential Online Shoppers In South Davis County.

2020 - Local Market Place

Current Packages Avalable

Direct Mail + Online Coupon
  • Printed Flier to 37,000+ E-mail Offers to Homes in So Davis County


Offer Valid for Thru March 2020

  • One (1) Direct Mail Coupon -
    (4 x 1 Add size Campaign) Sample
  • One (1) - Online Featured 7 x 275 Coupon Sample

  • Coupon displayed in a 11x17 4 fold flier - full color Sample

  • Approx. 60 various offers from the South Davis Bussinesses Sample

  • E-commerce Store front - 5 product Listings @

  • Priority Directory Listing w/video & Pics @

  • Add your video to Golocalez YouTube Channel

  • Add your Video To Social media Pages

Featured Online Coupon
  • Build Up to Three (3) Coupons


Offer Valid for Thru March 2020

1-Online Coupon & Business Profile Priority Listing


One community - Month to Month - No contract- Cancel anytime

  • One(1) Coupon Featured Online
  • E-Commerce Store w/ 3 product Listings Register @

  • Priority Directory Listing @ Regester @

  • Priority Search Results

  • Up to 5 Categories

  • Website Link

  • Coupon Offer Posted

  • Pictures & Video

  • Start a Blog

  • E-mail

  • Website Link

  • Add your video to Golocalez YouTube Channel

  • Add your Video To Golocalez social media pages

  • Add Your Video to your directory listing

Additional Local Direct Mail
Cover Page Ads
Ad Size 270 x 325 .................Price - $899 ea.
(4 - Ads available)
Click Here ...To See Sample Ads
Back Page Ads
Ad Size 520 x 230 ................. Price - $1899
Ad Size 160 x 220 ................. Price - $699
Ad Size 260 x 180 ................. Price - $999
Click Here ...To See Sample Ads

Note #2: Standard online Coupon Ad size is 700 x 275 Pxls,  Online Banner size is 800 x 150.  Coupon and banner Ad copy to be provided by advertiser – Ads paid in advance by credit or debit card – Client provides digital ready art work for coupons and banners, all ad copy must be in two weeks before campaign date – No guarantees to the exact number of views, impressions, clicks or click throughs, leads or any other form of ad response.  We can build with your text and graphics for an additional $75.00 per coupon and per banner ad.

Each Campaign Offers: 
the following potential impressions every month.
  • 100,000 projected impressions from 40,000 home direct mail and 25000 plus Email campaign Note:E-mail campaign will go out each week after direct mail piece for three (3) weeks in a row!

  • 10,000 projected views four (4) major social media sites-Face Book – Pinterest – Instagram – Twitter-Youtube.

  • 5000 projected views from your 60 Sec. Video ad Featured on Community Page, posted on business directory listing and Bountiful You Tube channel.

  • 250,000 Projected views –GoLocalEZ Website - -The Hottest new Internet platform for providing local access to all things community,

  • Thousands of product views & purchases from E-Commerce product listings at  platform -

  • 1000s of projected views & Impressions Local Radio and TV ad campaigns -– Ads will run daily to promote and expose to each community in the Utah region.

  • 1000s projected impressions from viral marketing (word of mouth) local campaigns

Campaign Details
  • 1-Direct Mailer Printed Coupon  -  Click Here To Sample Flier!
  • Coupon displayed in a 11x17 4 fold flier - full color - 80 lb Gloss 
  • Coupon Flier will consist of approximately 60 various offers from the South Davis Business communities.oupon per community online  Click Here To Sample of Featured Coupon Page!
  • Featured coupon Pricing is based on a per community Placement
  • Coupons will be posted weekly to all participating businesses social media pages
  • Coupon flier will be distributed to over 37,000 homes in South Davis communities, ie: No Salt Lake, Bountiful, Woods Cross, Centerville, Farmington.
  • Flier will reach the homes 3 to 5 days prior to Black Friday.
  • Coupon Ads should be redeemable for up to 30 days
  • E-mail Campaign Delivered to approximately 15,000 homes for three (3) consecutive weeks after the initial printed flier delivery promoting the same flyer and providing a link to the online coupons featured in the Bountiful community area.
  • Direct mail message will be to encourage customer to redeem coupons online at
2020 Market Place

Other Pre-Launch Offers

Local Business 5 Coupon Package- $399
  • Build Up To 5 Coupon Offers Per month in our online Coupon Section

  • Add coupons to Our Social Media pages

  • List Unlimited Products or services On Our Superstore

  • Priority Listing  In

  • Our Local Directory

  • One 800"x 250" Banner Ad 

  • 3 Placements In

  • One Business Review Article

  • One 60 Second Business Review Video

  • Additional Banner ad placements can be purchased - 4 for $100/mo
  • Banner placements are randomly placed in category ad zones throughout community web pages
  • Banner ad will also be posted to applicable social media pages
  • Click Here To Sample Banner Placement at
  • Banner placements are in your choice of available category ad zones. ( See zone choices after purchase)
  • 1-placemnent 1 community ...................$199/mo
  • Additional Banner ads/one placement..$199/mo
  • Additional Banner ad placements 4 for $100/mo
    (Current Banner ads  - each community

Gift Card, Loyalty  Rewards Program

Package Details