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The Local Business Owners Need To Unite
and Become The Next Generation
Online Marketplace!
Hi, My name is Bill Misrasi. I am the founder and CEO of TraDigicom360. I have been in Marketing and Business development for over 40 years, with more than 20 of those years developing marketing strategies that bring both online (digital) and offline (Traditional) marketing to a new normal. I call it "TraDigital" Marketing.
Now, after spending 20 years in the trenches and working closely with the small businesses in communities all across Utah, Idaho and a few other surrounding states I want to Introduce you to what I have come to believe from my experience, a system and Platform of Services, Strategies & Packaged Tools and Resources that will take your Small Business on an amazing journey into the next generation of Intelligent Web 3.0.
But to a be the Success in your local marketplace your business needs to become a part of the bigger picture. It needs to unite with the other businesses in your community to create a power that has never been experienced by most small business owners at the local marketing level. 
We are Turning Small Businesses Into
The Biggest Business In Towm.
7 Steps to The Next Generation Small Business & Community Alliances.
I have developed a very Innovative concept for both online and offline participation, and launched it into one of the Most Unique And Revolutionary Online Marketing Systems and then I have partnered it with a the most innovative local online marketing platform that offers a marketplace for all things community.
I Call it....
1.1 GLEZ_COOL_Marketplace_Logo.png
Over the past 40 plus years I have been developing and marketing small businesses, they have been experiencing about a 85% to 90% failure rate over the first 5 years of being in business. Well, over those years I have experienced first hand, through the number of businesses I have started and built my self, the woes and challenges most small businesses experience in those first 5 years.
But since then, and during a time that the internet and online marketing has come into play, I have come away with an entirely new system and process that I am convinced will take the small business entrepreneurs to an endless means of success, should they choose to participate in this revolutionary Unified Community of Small Business Owners Alliance.(UCSBOA)
It is truly a Revolutionary "COOL Marketplace" Platform designed to Unify The Small Businesses in the local communities as well as to bringing the small locally owned businesses together in "One Powerful Online, All Things Community" market place. 
Once you are a member in the the USBOA we immediately launch your business presence into the "COOL Market Place" and begin plugging you into all of our amazing services that are outlined below.

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Local Businesses
Big Box
The Current Business Population In Utah Looks Like This...

Utah has 203,468 small businesses, according to the most current federal data available. Of those 203,468 small businesses in Utah, 59,025 have employees. The remaining 144,443 are Utah small businesses that have no employees. Plus, According to the latest Federal data, the number of self-employed persons in Utah (including incorporated companies that file via Schedule C) was 134,591.

The Big Box Stores Need No Longer Be The Only Choice Online
Retail Shoppers Have In The
Local Market Place!

Now, With That many Businesses In Our State I think It Would Be Fair To Say That... "The Small Businesses are The Biggest Business In Town...

The "COOl" Marketplace
"Community On/Off Line" (COOL)
Our Online Platform Is Already In Place @...
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Here Is What You Get When You
Become A UCSBOA Member
We promote the following Packaged Services To
The Local Consumers Every Week...

 Direct mail  (10,000 to 40,000 Home Community Mailer Monthly)     

When you list your products or services with us we exposed them to thousands of homes every month specifically  targeted to your local community consumers.

Click to see more...


Weekly E-mail Newsletter Marketing Campaign

When you List with us and place your Coupon on our site coupon page we link to it through our weekly e-mail campaign to  more thousands of Local prospective customers each week. 

Click to Learn more...


Weekly Text Message Marketing Campaigns

We send out Text message every week to introduce the local prospective Customers to our platform. Typically directing them to our coupon offers page, and our business directory.  95% of Txt messages are opened within 3 to 4 minutes of the time they are received.

Learn More... 


Social Media Marketing- 

As A member you will be able to freely post your coupons, videos, product pictures and reviews on numerous Face Book - Twitter - Pintrest - You Tube & More. The real power of social media is in where you direct all of the likes and posts to achieve a decent conversion of lookers into buyers. Learn more...


OneSuperStore (E-commerce)

When you become a member with us you get your own e-commerce store front that you can List from 10 to Unlimited products & Services depending on the plan.Our main objective is to provide you the means to offer your   products and services to be shopped and purchased online.

Learn More...


Business Directory Listing

We currently have 39,000 businesses listed in our Utah business directory. Our m


Mobile Marketing 

Our entire web presence is very mobile friendly and accessible on all mobile devices. .  Learn More...


Coupon Display

All coupons placed on Golocalez and posted in our online coupon pages as well as linked to all social media and mobile platforms..Learn More...


Daily Deals promotion

We offer a variety of Daily, weekly or monthly deals campaigns consistently rotating through featured ad coupons daily in our Communities. Learn More...


Online Banner ad 
Random rotating ad placement- fully automated banner server program allows banners to be easily placed and tracked at thousands of locations on Golocalez. Learn More...


Posted 60 Sec Online Business Review

Posted on Golocalez video library as well as many other locations, such as directory listings, featured video pages etc. and a number of other Video share sites, including You Tube! Learn More...


Television Ads, Shows and Business Profiles

We are currently negotiating deals with a number of local TV channels and radio stations as well as our very own live publishing you tube Chanel, Face Book and Instagram platforms.!

Learn More... 

1.1 GLEZ_COOL_Marketplace_Logo.png
The "COOl" Marketplace
"Community On/Off Line" (COOL)
When These Powerful resources Come Together They Become Empowered By The Thousands of Businesses Offering Tens of Thousands of Products & Services To Be Searched, Shopped, Purchased, Picked Up or Deliverd To Local Consumers, Who Now Have The Added Convenience To Buy Local Products & Services Online & Offline, We Call It A Level Playing Field, and Say... Move Over Big Box Stores! Make Way For ...
So, Now Is the time To Get Your Business Showcased
  • The Big Box Stores will not be able to compete.
  • All studies show that most consumers (90%) research all purchases online prior to buying
  • and more than 70% say they would buy local if it was easier To Locate, shop, purchase,in one convenient online marketplace! Join Us Today!
When The Local Businesses Unite and come together in One "COOL Marketplace",
Get Your Business United With Thousands Of Local Businesses Offering Millions of Products & Services In Your Community Today!

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