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Is Your Business Not Online?
Are You Not Offering E-commerce As A Means For Your
Local Targeted Market Consumer To Purchase Your Products Or Services
 from The Comforts of Home?
,Are you being found in local key word searches
on Google? 


Did You Know ...

  • that over 80% of online shoppers interviewed said...they would shop local businesses if they could find them online?

  • that more than 60% of local businesses do not have an online e-commerce presence?

  • that the big box stores are considered as local business to most online shoppers because they are the only online choice to shop local?

  • that more than 60% of money spent at the big box stores goes out of community?

  • that more than 65% of money spent at local businesses stays in the community?

Considering Recent Events
(Covid-19), Inflation, High Interest Rates, etc. 

Isn't It Really Time For
A Big Change?

Well, We Think So And We

Are Bringing It On!

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Golocalez Is Currently Launching an extensive marketing campaign in multiple cities as we roll out in Utah, utilizing all of the services you see listed herein, plus a few more. Our overall objective is to bring mass consumer/shopper traffic to the platform.

Click Here...To Go To Website Now!


You Can Make This Happen Because

We Have:

  • Removed All Barriers. 

  • Built A Powerful Marketing Platform.

  • Added Turnkey Tools & Solutions.

  • Provide Training & Education For
    Both Consumers And Business Owners.

  • And... made it all unbelievably


Now Is The Time To Take The Leap and Get Your Business Searched And Found Every Day @... 

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...Connect Your Business To The 1000's Of Local Consumers Both On & OffLine In Your Community Now! 

It's all about improving your bottom-line!
Oh yeah, and boosting your community economy, creating jobs, enhancing local lifestyles, roads, parks, schools, etc.!
You get the point! 


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Coupon Ads

Business Directory

Local Search

E-Mail Marketing

Banner Ads

We Can Bundle Any Of The Services Above To Fit Your Specific Marketing Strategies When You Become A Member Of Our Great American Business & Community Alliance!  
JOIN TODAY... And Get A $1500 Marketing Bundle      
Of The Above Services All For FREE During Our Launch      
That Runs Thru 2023!

Direct Marketing

Video Share

Text Messaging

Text Ads

Radio-TV Promos

Events Promotions

Blogger Ads

Article Ads

Rotating Banner Ads

Featured Ads

Classified Ads

Get Exposure
To Almost Everyone In Your Community

Our Objective... is to bring local consumers right to your door every day providing your local business with these amazing programs...where your local consumers can enjoy a greater awareness and have a more convenient access to all of your products and services. All accessed through one convenient marketing platform (your community) at...
GLEZ Logo_05-2020-2.png

We Are About
All Things Community!

Here Is How It All Works...

Golocalez is a subsidiary of Tradigicom360,LLC (TD360) who is also the marketing arm of the entire project. TD360 starts by implementing an aggressive marketing strategy  partnered with every media outlet and platform available in the community, including the traditional TV and radio media as well as print media via our direct marketing mail pieces that will go to every door in each community, as well as all digital online, social social media and mobile advertising platforms.

We have labeled our powerful marketing strategy as our "TraDigital Marketing System" (TDMS), that represents our innovative packaging of both Traditional and Digital resources. Through our TDMS we are able to be more innovative at our platform.

We have labeled our powerful marketing strategy as our "TraDigital Marketing System" (TDMS) that represents our innovative packaging of both Traditional and Digital resources. Through our TDMS we are able to more enovative platform.

Our goal is to remove every artificial barrier to SMB success and provide the most affordable total access to their local consumers.

It Is So Important For local Businesses To Unite & Maintain  An Active Online Presence?
We have now Made Possible For The Small Businesses In America To Step It Up, Unite and make a difference!
Click Here...To Go To Website Now!
GLEZ Logo_05-2020-2.png
The 12 Most Important Reasons To Get Your Business Located In Your Community Online At NOW! 













It is the most powerful online & offline marketing... shopping and all things community platform ever assembled. We offer the local community consumers and businesses the ability to come together in one place for the over all convenience of the business and consumers to search and find locally!

It is the most affordable and convenient  alternative... you can offer to your existing customers as a
means of insuring a loyal customer base.
It is the only Single place Platform...your business will need to be found in order for your local consumers, new & existing, to search, find  and purchase your products and services, along with all other things community!
It is a fully automated, turnkey, digital... platform that provides every business owner the option of being in charge of managing every aspect of online marketing or contract with us to manage it for you.
Our SuperStore Platform provides your own e-commerce store... where you can list your own products and create your own coupon offers. You can place your own banner ads, create and post your own videos, and so much more! Or again, you can contract with us to do it all for you, or some of it! Its your market place and your choice. 
We Bring thousands of other businesses Together in your community... you will instantly become a part of the biggest online and offline unified network of businesses and consumers, products and services, entertainment and all other resources ever compiled in one platform. That means thousands of visitors coming to the platform for hundreds of reasons. Kind of like putting your business on a busy main street. 
All Participating Business will be listed... in one of the most relevant Local community business directories to be key word searched and easily located. You have the option of listing in a priority position so your business can be viewed as a top priority in your category.
You can post up your business videos, product pictures, list property for sale, post jobs, write and post articles, list classified ads, all to be easily viewed by your local market visitors, reaching the thousands of consumers using the site every day, as they visit thousands of other participating businesses listed in our directory.
Your business will have a presence in our platform... that will be the recipient of tens of thousands of local consumers from the leads "Tradigicom360" will be generating, via the most aggressive advertising and marketing campaign, running every day of the week and every hour of the day. 
We partner with other local websites to establish a presence... to thousands of their local visitors, viewing a variety of other services in the community.
We provide a huge social market presence... 
in the social media networks, blogs, podcasts, video reviews, as well as radio and TV ads and interviews, where we will be promoting the Golocalez platform showcasing all of our participating merchants.
We promote Your Business  products & services... to millions of impressions and visitors views every single day.
Your Next Generation Marketing Platform Is Here Now!
Click Here...To Go To Website Now!
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JOIN TODAY ... And Get A $1500 Marketing Bundle Of The Above Services All For FREE During Our LaunchThat Runs Thru  2021!

Become A Community  Licenssee

We Are Seeking Top Professional
Business Managers Who Have A True Desire
to Earn Upwards Of $150,000/yr

Now you can own the rights to a community in Golocalez!

One of The Most Lucrative Business Opportunities In America. Intellectual properties is as good an investment as land or developed properties. Now is the time to secure your place in our revolutionary Internet nation of communities. Where the

American Dream Becomes a Reality!

Become An Entrepreneur Explore Community Licensing Opportunities


If your are an experienced business manager at the executive level and desirous to earn a lucrative High Six Figure residule  income, this Just might be Your Ticket!

Community Director
Team Meeting

If your have excelled as a Corporate Account Executive  or have experience in Marketing & Advertising & desirous to earn a lucrative Six Figure residual income, this Just might be Your Ticket!

View Qualifications

Community Associate
Business Brainstorm

If you are a self starter with experience in working with small businesses as a consultant or sales executive with a  desire to to earn a lucrative Six Figure Residual income, this Just might be Your Ticket!

View Qualifications

We are already Launched In Utah So Come On...
Interested Outside Of Utah - Click Here!
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