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Fendi Shoes Buy Online

Founded by Edoardo and Adele Fendi in 1925, the storied Fendi brand is an international luxury goods company renowned for Italian-crafted ready-to-wear and leather goods. From humble beginnings as a small fur and leather shop in Rome, the highly respected brand is now under the creative directorship of the legendary Karl Lagerfeld and continues to be coveted throughout the world for its statement elegance. Fendi shoes are strikingly vibrant and superbly designed for a glamorous edge. Ballerinas, boots and flats offer versatile wearability to year-round wardrobes, while eccentric platforms, vertiginous sandals and feminine pumps provide attention-grabbing lift.

fendi shoes buy online

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Fendi brand took its origins from a little tailor's shop which achieved worldwide fame very soon, that encouraged the brand to look for new partnerships and creative figures, among which the visionary German desginer Karl Lagerfeld. As time goes by, the brand developed an innovative style which made it one of the most prestigious luxury brands in the clothing, shoes, bags and accessories world for men, women and kids.

Fendi collections stand out for the sartorial excellence and the use of high quality materials, so as to realize a style thought for a man and a woman who want to join comfort, design and sophistication, while aiming for a casual look. Fendi bags and Fendi shoes represent the diamond point of the brand which keeps realizing high quality leather goods for one, and ironic and funny items for the other.

We are generally able to complete basic repairs on Fendi shoes within 2-5 business days of receiving them at the workshop. This extends to 1-2 weeks for most specialist repairs and longer for more complex repairs and restorations.

If you will be using our free shipping service (rather than dropping off and picking up your shoes at the workshop), then you should also factor in shipping time via Australia Post. This varies depending on your location, but generally takes no more than a few business days if you're in a metropolitan area and otherwise up to 5 business days (if you're in a regional or remote area).

Yes, we stock a wide range of premium leather care products you can use to extend the life of your Fendi shoes. We'd be happy to ship these to you. Simply mention what you're looking for while completing our online order form (if you're also planning to get your shoes repaired), or reach out (if you're not planning to get your shoes repaired).

And whenever your shoes are in transit (whether on their way to our workshop via Australia Post or on the way back to you via courier), you'll have a parcel tracking number and receive real-time shipping notifications by email. 041b061a72


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