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Angry Birds Game: How to Unlock All the Characters and Levels

Angry Birds Game: A Fun and Addictive Physics-Based Puzzle Game

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to launch angry birds at greedy pigs using a slingshot? If so, you might want to try Angry Birds game, one of the most popular and successful mobile games of all time. Angry Birds game is a physics-based puzzle game that challenges you to use your logic, skill, and force to destroy the pigs' defenses and save the eggs. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Angry Birds game, including how to play it, how it evolved over time, and what are its benefits and drawbacks.

How to Play Angry Birds Game

The Basic Gameplay: Launch birds at pigs using a slingshot

The core gameplay of Angry Birds game is simple but addictive. You have a slingshot that you can use to launch different types of birds at the pigs' structures. Your goal is to eliminate all the pigs in each level by hitting them directly or causing their structures to collapse. You can adjust the angle and power of your shot by dragging your finger on the screen. You have a limited number of birds per level, so you have to use them wisely. You can also earn stars based on your performance, which can unlock new levels and episodes.

angry birds game

The Different Types of Birds and Pigs: Each bird and pig has its own unique ability and weakness

One of the fun aspects of Angry Birds game is that each bird and pig has its own personality, appearance, sound, and ability. For example, the red bird is the basic bird that does not have any special power, but it is reliable and strong. The yellow bird can speed up in mid-air, making it ideal for breaking through wood. The black bird can explode like a bomb, causing massive damage. The white bird can drop an egg bomb that can destroy anything below it. The blue bird can split into three smaller birds, covering a wider area. The green bird can boomerang back to hit targets from behind. The big brother bird is a larger version of the red bird that can smash through almost anything. The pink bird can create bubbles that lift objects up in the air. The orange bird can inflate like a balloon, pushing objects away from it. The ice bird can freeze objects, making them easier to break.

The pigs also have their own characteristics and abilities. For example, the basic pig is green and does not have any special power, but it can be tricky to hit because of its small size. The helmet pig wears a helmet that protects it from damage. The mustache pig has a mustache that makes it look more sophisticated, but does not affect its durability. The king pig is the leader of the pigs and wears a crown that makes him harder to kill. The fat pig is a larger version of the basic pig that can withstand more damage. The balloon pig can float in the air, making it harder to reach. The zombie pig can resurrect after being killed once.

The Different Levels and Episodes: Each level has its own theme, The Different Levels and Episodes: Each level has its own theme, layout, and challenge

Another fun aspect of Angry Birds game is that each level and episode has its own theme, layout, and challenge. For example, the first episode is called "Poached Eggs" and it introduces the basic gameplay and the main characters. The second episode is called "Mighty Hoax" and it features fake cardboard pigs and structures. The third episode is called "Danger Above" and it takes place in the sky, with balloons, planes, and clouds. The fourth episode is called "The Big Setup" and it pits the big brother bird against the mustache pig. The fifth episode is called "Ham 'Em High" and it is set in the Wild West, with cowboy hats, TNT barrels, and lassos. The sixth episode is called "Mine and Dine" and it is set underground, with mines, crystals, and stalactites. The seventh episode is called "Birdday Party" and it celebrates the game's first anniversary, with cakes, candles, and party hats. The eighth episode is called "Bad Piggies" and it features the pigs' own contraptions and vehicles. The ninth episode is called "Red's Mighty Feathers" and it gives the red bird a new power to target the pigs directly. The tenth episode is called "Short Fuse" and it involves a chemical lab, with flasks, magnets, and lasers. The eleventh episode is called "Flock Favorites" and it contains fan-favorite levels from previous episodes. The twelfth episode is called "BirdDay 5" and it celebrates the game's fifth anniversary, with new levels and a new bird.

The Power-Ups and Boosters: How to use them to enhance your gameplay

One more fun aspect of Angry Birds game is that you can use power-ups and boosters to enhance your gameplay and overcome difficult levels. For example, you can use the King Sling to increase the power and speed of your slingshot. You can use the Sling Scope to see the trajectory of your shot before you launch it. You can use the Birdquake to shake the ground and make the pigs' structures collapse. You can use the Super Seeds to make your birds bigger and stronger. You can use the Mighty Eagle to summon a giant eagle that can destroy everything on the screen. You can also use other boosters such as Wingman, Power Potion, Shockwave, Allaka-BAM, Homing Bird, Flock of Birds, Piggy Breaker, Pig Inflater, Golden Duck, TNT Drop, Chili Pepper, Pig Puffer, Cake Splat, Balloon Burster, etc.

The History and Evolution of Angry Birds Game

The Original Angry Birds Game: How it started and what made it a success

The original Angry Birds game was released in December 2009 by Rovio Entertainment, a Finnish company that was founded in 2003. The game was inspired by a sketch of wingless birds that was made by Jaakko Iisalo, one of the game designers. The game was initially developed for iOS devices, but later expanded to other platforms such as Android, Windows Phone, Symbian, webOS, BlackBerry, etc. The game became a huge success worldwide, with over 12 million downloads in the first year. The game also received critical acclaim for its simple but addictive gameplay, colorful graphics, humorous sound effects, and charming characters.

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The Angry Birds Sequels and Spin-Offs: How the game expanded and diversified

Following the success of the original Angry Birds game, Following the success of the original Angry Birds game, Rovio Entertainment released several sequels and spin-offs that expanded and diversified the game's universe and gameplay. For example, Angry Birds Seasons added seasonal themes and events to the game, such as Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, etc. Angry Birds Rio was a crossover with the animated movie Rio, featuring new birds and locations from the film. Angry Birds Space introduced a new physics element to the game, with gravity fields, planets, and asteroids. Angry Birds Star Wars was a crossover with the Star Wars franchise, featuring characters and scenes from the movies. Angry Birds Friends was a social version of the game, allowing players to compete with their friends online. Angry Birds Go! was a racing game, featuring 3D graphics and kart racing. Angry Birds Epic was a role-playing game, featuring turn-based combat and character customization. Angry Birds Transformers was a crossover with the Transformers franchise, featuring robots and vehicles. Angry Birds 2 was a sequel to the original game, featuring improved graphics, new levels, and new features. Angry Birds Blast was a match-3 puzzle game, featuring balloons and power-ups. Angry Birds Evolution was a collectible RPG game, featuring hundreds of different birds to collect and evolve. Angry Birds


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