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Allplan 2012 Crack Torrent

Allplan 2012 Torrent: What You Need to Know

Allplan is a software for building information modeling (BIM) that allows architects, engineers, and contractors to design, construct, and manage buildings and infrastructure projects. Allplan 2012 was released in 2011 and introduced new features such as SmartParts, a parametric object library, and Allplan BCM, a cost management solution.

A torrent is a file that contains metadata about the files and folders to be distributed, and usually also a list of the network locations of trackers, which are servers that help participants in the system find each other and form efficient groups called swarms. A torrent file does not contain the content to be distributed; it only contains information about those files, such as their names, sizes, folder structure, and cryptographic hash values for verifying file integrity.


Downloading Allplan 2012 from a torrent site may seem like a tempting option for users who want to use the software without paying for a license. However, there are several risks and disadvantages associated with this practice. Here are some of them:

  • Legal issues: Downloading or distributing Allplan 2012 without a valid license is a violation of the intellectual property rights of Nemetschek, the developer of the software. This could result in legal action from Nemetschek or its authorized distributors, as well as fines or penalties from the authorities. Nemetschek has stated that it monitors the internet for illegal copies of its software and takes appropriate measures to protect its rights.

  • Security issues: Downloading Allplan 2012 from a torrent site exposes the user to potential malware, viruses, or spyware that could harm the user's computer or compromise the user's data. Torrent sites are often unregulated and untrustworthy, and may contain malicious files disguised as legitimate software. Moreover, torrent clients may also open ports on the user's firewall or router, making the user vulnerable to cyberattacks from other peers in the swarm.

  • Quality issues: Downloading Allplan 2012 from a torrent site may result in an incomplete, corrupted, or outdated version of the software that does not function properly or meet the user's expectations. Torrent files may not contain all the necessary components or updates of the software, or may have been modified or tampered with by unauthorized parties. Furthermore, torrent downloads may be slow, unstable, or interrupted due to low seeders, high leechers, or network congestion.

  • Support issues: Downloading Allplan 2012 from a torrent site deprives the user of the benefits of official support and services from Nemetschek or its authorized partners. The user will not be able to access online help, tutorials, forums, webinars, training courses, technical assistance, bug fixes, patches, or updates that are available for licensed users of Allplan 2012. The user will also miss out on the opportunity to upgrade to newer versions of Allplan with improved features and performance.

In conclusion, downloading Allplan 2012 from a torrent site is not a wise decision for users who want to use the software for professional or personal purposes. It is illegal, unsafe, unreliable, and unsatisfactory. The best way to obtain Allplan 2012 is to purchase a license from Nemetschek or its authorized distributors, or to use a free trial version that allows users to test the software for 30 days.


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