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If you are looking for a realistic and expressive saxophone virtual instrument, you might want to check out SAMPLE MODELING THE SAX BROTHERS Kontakt THESLAYERZ. This is a collection of three saxophone plugins based on the Kontakt 3.5 Player engine, developed by SampleModeling, a company specialized in creating physically modeled instruments. The Sax Brothers include Mr. Sax A. (Alto), Mr. Sax B. (Baritone), and Mr. Sax T. (Tenor), each with its own sound and features.

Download Zip:

What is physical modeling?

Physical modeling is a technique that simulates the physical properties and behavior of acoustic instruments, such as the shape, size, material, and resonance of the body, the vibration of the strings or reeds, the airflow and pressure of the mouthpiece, and the interaction of the player with the instrument. Physical modeling allows for a high level of realism and expressiveness, as well as real-time control over various parameters that affect the sound.

What are the features of The Sax Brothers?

The Sax Brothers are designed to reproduce the sound and playability of real saxophones, with a lot of attention to detail and nuance. Some of the features are:

  • Dynamic interpolation: The Sax Brothers use a proprietary technique that allows for smooth transitions between different dynamic layers, avoiding the typical "sample switching" artifacts.

  • Artificial Intelligence: The Sax Brothers use an advanced algorithm that analyzes the incoming MIDI data and adapts the response of the instrument accordingly, adding realistic articulations, vibrato, legato, portamento, growl, flutter, subharmonics, and more.

  • Breath control: The Sax Brothers can be played with a breath controller, such as the Yamaha BC3A or the Akai EWI series, for a more natural and expressive performance. The breath controller can also be used to control other parameters, such as pitch bend or modulation.

  • Microtuning: The Sax Brothers support microtuning, allowing for different tuning systems and scales, such as equal temperament, just intonation, Arabic maqam, Indian raga, etc.

  • Effects: The Sax Brothers come with a built-in convolution reverb and a chorus effect, as well as an EQ and a compressor.

  • MIDI remapping: The Sax Brothers allow for MIDI remapping of incoming CCs, enabling custom assignments and mappings for different controllers and keyboards.

How do The Sax Brothers sound?

The Sax Brothers sound very realistic and expressive, capturing the nuances and characteristics of each saxophone type. Mr. Sax A. has a bright and smooth tone, suitable for jazz and pop styles. Mr. Sax B. has a deep and rich tone, ideal for classical and orchestral music. Mr. Sax T. has a warm and versatile tone, perfect for rock and blues genres. You can listen to some audio demos of The Sax Brothers on SoundCloud .

How much do The Sax Brothers cost?

The Sax Brothers are no longer available for purchase from SampleModeling's website, as they have been replaced by a newer product line called SWAM Saxophones, which uses a different technology and engine. However, you might still find some copies of The Sax Brothers on online marketplaces or second-hand websites.


The Sax Brothers are an impressive collection of saxophone virtual instruments that use physical modeling to create realistic and expressive sounds. They offer a lot of control and customization options for different playing styles and preferences. They are compatible with Kontakt 3.5 Player or higher, and can be used with various controllers and keyboards. If you are a saxophone lover or enthusiast, you might want to give The Sax Brothers a try.


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