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Local-EZ Marketing Like a Pro

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

You are about to learn about a new Local Revolutionary Marketing Platform (and I don't use "Revolutionary" Loosely), especially built for the small businesses in any community virtually anywhere in the world. But we are going to focus on your local community for this introduction.

Some things Are Always Changing

In the last few years the news papers have died out, the Radio is not listen too as much, people are fast forwarding through the TV ads, and direct mail seems to end up in the consumers garbage can more often than not.

Then for the past year we have been dealing with a total unforeseen pandemic that pretty much nocked us all of kilter, and ended up being one of the biggest economic disasters the world has ever known. Almost everyone experienced change in just about every aspect of our lives, let alone the changes it caused the way we have had to adjust to do the regular routine day to day business.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

I think we can almost always learn great things if we look at the changes through the right lenses. For example, I want us to take a look back on the pre-pandemic times. You know, when Amazon was dominating the online retail sales market and Walmart and many of the other big box stores were right behind them.

Remember that there were hundreds of midsize to large retailers across the nation closing their doors due to the lack of being competitive in the online market place? And can we remember that the small businesses were truly struggling to hang on to a reasonable local market share for local retail sales?

Is Change Always A Bad Thing?

Not necessarily! In fact lets take a minute and focus on some of the good that has come about during the pandemic. Businesses were closed down, people were confined to their homes and most cities became a ghost town. If that's the good that happened what was the bad you might ask?

But what was really happening during all the worldly disruption? Remember all of the great technological advancements that were just really beginning to take hold? It was a time when the small brick and mortar businesses were still trying to hang on to the traditional means of marketing and promoting their businesses and failing miserably.

Well, during the pandemic almost all consumers were forced to go to the online marketplaces to do the majority of their shopping and we saw the big box stores who were already doing a decent business online, increase their sales by 200% to over 300% in just a short period of time because the were prepared to handle surge. Many people continued to shop at the local markets that remained open but still, most ordered online and then drove to the store for pick up service our had it delivered.

Even though the small local businesses were caught off guard and weren't prepared to handle the abrupt change that hit the local communities there is some good that can still be gained from it all. In fact, probably the greatest good that has ever been available to them to this point in history!

There Is A Perfect Storm Brewing

Now is the time for local businesses to take advantage of the current events that have more prepared their local consumers to search, shop and buy on line. It's time to step into the competitive environment that has been dominated by the big box retailers and take back their local consumers. It's the perfect time for local businesses to do what they have always done best...serve the local consumers, online as well as offline!

The Timing is perfect... for small businesses to come together and take a more aggressive stand in providing their goods on the local level better than any other business.

The Timing is Perfect for local customers who are demanding easier & more convenient access to more relevant products & services, to find them at their fingertips at the local businesses and receive the excellent customer service they are used to getting from the local businesses.

It's time for all local business to unite and establish a presence of know, like, and trust while they provide the most convenient Local shopping network of local businesses ever assembled.

( See our next Blog... The Unexpected Rise of the Small Local Businesses

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