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Now you can add five (5) other cities in addition to your original community that's included in the GL2020 Alliance Special. In order to take advantage of this special, you must first join "The Alliance" for the current special price of $97.97 at which time you will receive the $1500 - 90 day marketing campaign. 


When you choose to add communities you will recieve a choice of up to five additional communities in Utah for additional ad spots to run during the 90 day campaiogn.


Once you have chosen the additinal communities, we will provide three (3) various size banner ads and placements for three (3) different rotating banners in various ad spots for each of the five communities you choose. You will be required to provide the ad content ( graphics and text copy), and we will build the banners. 


Once you make the payment you will receive an e-mail that will provide you with instructions and the ability to chose your communities. 

Multi-Community 5 Pac

$599.00 Regular Price
$299.50Sale Price
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