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Position Description: The Regional Managers (Directors ?) will earn the marketing and training rights to a set of five (5) communities of 50,000 or more population, in a geographic assigned area of a specifically assigned State in the United States Of America. 

Each of the five communities assigned to a Regional Director will be managed by a Licensed Community Director (Manager ?) who will be trained and supported by the Regional Director as defined in the GL2020 Operations Manual.


Each Regional Manager (Director ?) will have an entire support team of professionals that will train and support every service, software  and process provided by Globalocal2020 (GL2020).


Our Regional Directors will become a part of the most powerful, game changing, turnkey community marketing systems on the internet.


GL2020 will provide everything needed for the success of qualified recipients as they follow the strict teachings and guidelines to our powerful Tradigital Marketing Strategies.


The income is unlimited. The support and training is non stop. You can work from home, and build a business in your community that has a potential future value in the millions of dollars.


Read about the qualifications below and lock down a community in your area Today! Communities are based on availability!


Act quickly to secure your choice!


Are You A Qualified Entrepreneur

In order to accomplish this revolutionary task, it requires that our implementation and management team be made up of the highest level of personally motivated, inspired and self driven individuals.

We are seeking a qualified team of the highest professional level, to communicate and inspire a new level of unity in our nations communities, as it pertains to the diverse network of businesses and consumers, local government, the people (citizens), non-profits and charities, events and activities, managed e-commerce and local entertainment, with the overall vision and commitment being, to enhance the life style and economic stability of each community.

Are You The Right Entrepreneur

We are seeking those individuals who have the sincere desire to provide a greater self reliance to the local small businesses within their community.  Entrepreneurs that truly believe they have what it takes to earn their way to success with hard work and dedication to a worthy cause.


Entrepreneurs who are willing to put our customers, clients (business owners and consumers), from all walks of life, first in the equation for success.
In the end, our success and your success will be measured only by the ultimate communication, unity and loyalty found in each one of our communities.

Now Is The Time

We are currently aggressively seeking entrepreneurs who belong to that select group of elite individuals... who have an insatiable desire to be something more than average, and believe that if you do the right thing at the right time for the right reason, you will attain a life time of success.

Apply Now.  If you consider yourself to be a serious and motivated individual, qualified as outlined above, then you should continue on. 

If You Are The One - This is Your Opportunity Now!


If you are one of the millions of people in America searching for the right opportunity to break out on your own and start your own business? Well this just may be the right time and the right place for you to get started Now!

Team Talk

In Our Pre-launch Stage,

we will establish a network of licensed community directors and provide a very lucrative license opportunity to the most innovative and powerful one-stop community platform. We will teach train and prepare each of our licensed directors in our uniquely organized communities by zip code area and business population, providing a long-term potential annual revenue of more than $1 Million per community.  

Our Over all Goal...

is to empower local on and offline consumer shopping at local business to boost local economy within communities, create relationships, fostering true unity in all things community, by enhancing the availability of relevant product and service at the local level.

We are launching In Utah Now! Don't delay! 
As A Qualified and Accepted Licensee...
You Will Be Offering... Our Powerful Turnkey Marketing Solutions. Our Community Business Manager Licensees are suited up with our powerful turnkey marketing solutions and innovative business consulting strategies.
You will be trained to assist local business owners in the utilization of the most powerful "TraDigital" marketing tools designed to reach hundreds of new local & Loyal customers every month.
Young Couple

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If your have excelled as a Corporate Account Executive  or have experience in Marketing & Advertising & desirous to earn a lucrative Six Figure residual income, this Just might be Your Ticket!

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If you are a self starter with experience in working with small businesses as a consultant or sales executive with a  desire to to earn a lucrative Six Figure Residual income, this Just might be Your Ticket!

Which Title Do You
Qualify For?
We are already Launched In Utah So Come On...
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